We Hacked the Crisis

The novel Coronavirus, cause of COVID-19, has had a huge impact on people and society. One way to combat the challenges was for the Estonian government to organize a hackathon, aimed at finding innovative solutions. This concept spread to other European countries, including Sweden.

VATTN started just a year a ago during a hackathon. It was given for us that we should participate in the Swedish Hack the Crisis.

Experienced hackathon enthusiast and co-founder of VATTN, Adelric Wong enjoys critical, innovative thinking and knows well the steps needed to create a great pitch with viable concepts.

– ”First you start, then you win!” Adelric says, jokingly, when asked for a motivational quote.

We did not limit the participating team to only VATTN team members, but instead joined as an open group.

– You arrive at more innovative solutions when you don’t know each other too well, bringing in new perspectives, Adelric explains.

Many great ideas were discussed during this unique hackathon and VATTN hopes some will be brought into fruition and provide postive impact in the near future.

Keep social distance and wash your hands!

Contact Adelric if you have questions about hackathons.